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Whoop Whoop: We are now commercetools professional certified developer!

We have some exciting news for our Mediaopt community: Martin Beckmann, one of our talented developers, has recently successfully completed the #commercetools certification and can proudly call himself a "Commercetools Certified Professional JavaScript Developer". This certification confirms Martin's expertise in using JavaScript to create dynamic and scalable e-commerce solutions with the commercetools platform.

Previously, another colleague, Liudmyla Masliuk, had already successfully completed the commercetools certification as a "Commercetools Associate JavaScript Developer".

These certifications underline Mediaopt's commercetools competence and are a nice confirmation for our colleagues, who have already been able to gain experience in several commercetools projects for three years.

As a commercetools ISV, we work closely with commercetools and develop Connect Apps on behalf of our customers, such as PayPal or Avalara, and support customers in the implementation of their online shops in the commercetools environment.

What does this certification mean?

The commercetools Certified Professional JavaScript Developer certification and the commercetools Associate JavaScript Developer certification area mark of excellence in the e-commerce business. It shows that our developers have a deep understanding of commercetools and that they are able to create sophisticated, customized solutions with JavaScript. The certification process involves rigorous training and comprehensive xamination to validate the developer's knowledge and skills.

The expertise of our colleagues is not only a testament to our dedication and technical acumen,  but it also reflects our commitment to continuous learning and professional growth at Mediaopt.

At Mediaopt, it's important for us to recognize and celebrate the achievements of our team members. Martin's and Liudmyla's certifications are just one example of the dedication and passion that drives us. Stay tuned for more updates on our talented team and the innovative projects we're working on.



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