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+49 30 92102990

If you have browsed our website, you already know that we are driven by inquisitiveness. This interest also applies to your company. When you contact us, you can be sure to find an attentive sparring partner who endeavors to understand the individual structure and challenges of your enterprise before selling you  an entire package.


Business development

Philipp Derksen: 

If you are interested in our services, please write me an email with a callback request or call us directly at +49 03 994049540



Karina Messermen: 

To get support for our software plug-ins please write me an email to You will receive an answer directly with the corresponding ticket number.


Job Application


If you are looking for new colleagues, please send your application to me at or ask about our open vacancies by phone.

Mediaopt GmbH · Elbestraße 28/29 · DE-12045 Berlin  

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