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Customer Voices: Our Best Testimonial.

Service assessments are our most trustworthy recommendation. We are proud of what our clients have to say about us. So here are several commendations we've received over the years.

The authors range from individuals at the management level, with whom we have set strategic goals and achieved great progress, to our operational project partners we work hand in hand with while advancing towards long-term success.

Senior Partner Manager Business Development

Steffen Joniak

Mediaopt has developed several payment plugins for commerce platforms, delivering essential contributions to our partner ecosystem. We highly appreciate the trustworthy and professional cooperation as well as their ability to enhance projects with proactive suggestions.


In cooperation with Mediaopt, we are developing plug-ins that allow online merchants to offer their customers numerous DHL delivery services, such as the option to determine day or time of delivery, making them directors of their own program. Together, we actively contribute to increasing the attractiveness and optimization of online shops. Due to the high level of expertise in the area of shop software, Mediaopt maintains plug-in development with its own ideas and guarantees excellent support for our plug-in interested business customers. A continuous and close exchange with Mediaopt makes the project management extremely pleasant and expedient.
(translated from German)

Sebastian Rechenberg

Team Leader Partner Management,

DHL Paket GmbH

Head of eCommerce

Robert Flanz

Mediaopt GmbH has been responsible for the operation and development of our eCommerce channel since mid-2017.
Today our online shop lists about 30,000 products and has become an important sales channel in addition to our 160 stores.
We are pleased to have found with Mediaopt a competent as well as forward-looking partner who supports us excellently with comprehensive resources in the optimization of our online shop.

(translated from German)


Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter, K&L Wall Art GmbH

Nico Schneider-Lohrentz

The introduction of the new multi-client shop system was a complete success and is the perfect basis for the internationalization of our business. Mediaopt supports us as an experienced and always helpful partner and provides important impulses for significant advancements and secure software quality. We are happy to recommend the Mediaopt team.
(translated from German)

Chief Commercial Officer, Member of the Executive Board

Lukas Keller

The SNV is the Swiss representative of global and European standardization and acts for the benefit of the economy and society in Switzerland. Mediaopt is for us a reliable and very competent partner for the development of our digital distribution channels. In addition, we appreciate the innovative and strategic exchange and can strongly recommend the team of Mediaopt.
(translated from German)


Managing Director, KBT Bettwaren Vertriebs GmbH & Co. KG

Boris Kruchen

Mediaopt supports KBT in digital transformation as well as the expansion of new distribution channels and affords/provides e-commerce expertise and development know-how.
(translated from German)

Managing Director,


Joachim Wessels

Customers and employees are thrilled with the new coach service ADAC Postbus provides. This is in part due to the IT. The efficient technical basis — created by IVU Traffic Technologies AG, Mediaopt and OXID eSales AG — ensures a smooth, efficient and customer-oriented process.

(translated from German)

DHL Deutsche Post AG

Christina Uthmann

Thanks to the Mediaopt Shop Plugin, we can ensure various online merchants a smooth connection to the Allyouneed Marketplace. The downstream support provided by Mediaopt completes the service to our business customers in the spirit of the Allyouneed Promise - Simple. Fair. Personal. We look forward to further cooperation and gladly recommend Mediaopt.

(translated from German)

Senior Project Manager Solutions,  CRIF Burgel GmbH

Walter Kunz

We are pleased to have found Mediaopt as a partner. The technical implementation has exceeded our expectations of speed and quality, and Mediaopt Support is a great facilitator in the advancement/progress of our eCommerce business. Thus, when connecting our enterprise customers with extensive systems, we were always able to rely on the flexible and competent support of Mediaopt. We thank you and look forward to further cooperation.

(translated from German)

Head of Process and IT Management, Chal-Tec GmbH

Valerio Neri

Since 2005, Chal-Tec GmbH has been a successful incubator of expressive brands with an individual character and an innovative product portfolio for a modern lifestyle, marketing products from the sectors Home & Living, Consumer Electronics and Sound & Light and Health & Sports in 21 European countries. Mediaopt is a very reliable and competent partner who supports us with high expertise in developing features for our main shop and brand shops. We are very satisfied with the highly qualitative work of the developers on site as well as in remote operation.

(translated from German)

Dr. Edgar Bazing

Senior Marketing Manager,

T-Systems International GmbH

We have always found very convincing solutions with Mediaopt for difficult challenges in the online area - thanks to the dedication, competence and passion Philipp Derksen and his team have demonstrated. I am thinking in particular of the monitoring of our entire online activities, which we have built together, implemented and finally established in our marketing area despite initial reservations from other departments. This monitoring has provided our marketing domain with valuable input, especially for the further development of online topics. In all phases of the projects, the collaberation with Mediaopt was always very constructive and pleasant.

(translated from German)

Managing Director,

JalouCity GmbH & Co. KG

Alexander Rosenkranz

With Mediaopt we experienced an eCommerce agency which offered us comprehensive professional support. The advice of Mediaopt went far beyond the standard services (e.g. the technical positioning of buttons). Suggestions for new solutions were offered. Programming and solutions were implemented in a timely manner. There were always competent contact persons available. We benefited greatly from the holistic view of Mediaopt. AdWords, Geo Marketing, and etracker were put into place very well. Although the service fees were not the cheapest, we have always received optimal solutions for our online shop in constructive dialogue Mediaopt, and have done so with great pleasure. We would like to thank you for your excellent cooperation over the years.

(translated from German)

Satisfaction creates trust and boldness for new projects.
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