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My impressions of the 2nd PayPal Developer Meetup

As an enthusiastic participant in the first PayPal Developer Meetup, I was excited to see what the second event in Berlin had to offer. There was some overlap, but also exciting new talks.

It was particularly pleasing that one of the speakers was Kristian, who I had previously only known from online meetings from our projects for PayPal and Braintree and who particularly presented exciting insights into Vaulting and Apple Pay. This input was very helpful as we are currently working on incorporating Apple Pay as an additional payment method into our Commercetools Connector.

After the informative sessions, there was another opportunity to talk to like-minded people and have a direct exchange. This time too, the homemade pizza was a highlight of the evening.

Overall, the 2nd PayPal Developer Meetup was an inspiring event from which I was able to gain important information for our further work on the Commercetools Connector. I'm already looking forward to being there again at the next meeting. 



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