Enhance visual intuition for digital shopping

Visual Intelligence enables an intuitive shopping experience and leads to faster orientation and visual inspiration  in eCommerce

Visual Recommendations

More customer engagement through relevant recommendations

Our visual product recommendations increase the click rate in your online shop and are a booster for customer engagement. Based on product images only style-relevant products are shown which increases a chance for a conversion.

Visual Search

Turn inspiration into conversions

Upload or take a picture of an outfit or design that inspires you and start a visual customer journey.

Our AI-based solution overcomes the barriers of text driven navigation and has a keen eye on style and detail.

Visual Intelligence is for merchants who want to decisively improve the digital shopping experience and are striving for a forward-looking role in the market 

Clear customer benefit
The customer benefit is recognizable without complicated key figures.

Time saving for everyone
Time saving is convincing  for merchants and customers.

Happy feelings
A happy feeling is guaranteed with every inspiring shopping experience.

Best cost-benefit ratio
The entry hurdle and operating costs of our AI are minimal.

Innovative company as a partner
We develop visual intelligence out of personal conviction for more intuition in eCommerce.

Enhance customer satisfaction with Visual Intelligence

We would be happy to make you an individual offer depending on the size of your online shop and business requirements

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