Boost the shopping experience with artificial intelligence. 

Our specialization is to make the methods of artificial intelligence and image recognition usable for eCommerce. In addition to individual consulting and development, we offer you the must-have for every Fashion and Home & Living online shop: Visual Product Recommendations.

Download the manuals for our free plugins or the API:

How it works. 

1. Install pIug-in 

2. Start product synchronization
     and wait for the AI training

3. Discover visually similar
     products on the product page

Image of your product

Feature Extraction

AI-recommended products

Up to 30% more revenue

Gartner: visual and voice search will significantly increase digital commerce revenue.

Emotional shopping trip

Invite your customers to a visual journey and help them find something beautiful.

Ready-to-use even with little effort

No manual product tagging required and easy to integrate. 

Made in 

We offer eCommerce consulting and software development for artificial intelligence.

Visual Recommendations

A picture is worth a thousand words:
Your intelligent shop assistant for an intuitive shopping experience 

Source: Visual Product Recommendations at schuhcenter.de and wall-art.de

Test our product. It is free of charge and without obligation. 

Offer your customers a new shopping experience and increase your conversion rate with our visual product recommendations


1 million recommendations 
5,000 product images 
1 campaign

Rest API and PHP SDK
Plug-ins for OXID und Shopware 

No fixed costs 
No contract period 
Paid support 

Six Weeks for free
950€ per Month

3 million recommendations 
10,000 product images 
3 campaigns

Rest API and PHP SDK

Plug-ins for OXID und Shopware 

Free onboarding service 
3 month notice period 
First-Level Support 

Price on request

         product images


Rest API and PHP SDK 
All standard shop systems 
Individual integration 

Free onboarding service 
Flexible contract period 
Individual Machine Learning models 
First- and Second-Level support 

Funded by the Investitionsbank Berlin .

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